Friday, November 12, 2010

Village 2010 progress #2

Nov. 11th has come and gone and the Gator Clan's annual Christmas Village is well underway right on schedule.  Actually, it's a little bit ahead of schedule because we had made some village table changes last weekend.

Our village is a display of lighted structures and supporting accessories from Department 56® Heritage Village Collection.  Specifically, we combine the Dickens' Village Series and the Victorian Village Series.

We begin each year's creation on November 11th, Veterans' Day. Actually, the holiday has nothing to do with our village; that date also is our wedding anniversary. We complete the village and "officially" light it on Thanksgiving Weekend, giving us a little more than two weeks to complete the project.
If you should enter our living room right now, you'd be greeted what best can be described as a mess.  We have table parts, table top base material, and even some structures all around the room.  But, as you can see here, one section is already taking shape.

On the right is a little closer view of the uncompleted wall section, but it is well on it's way.  What you see here will probably undergo several changes over the weekend as we add contours for layering, giving some consistency to the placement of structures, and even put the lights in place.
Back on the left, our redesigned window section is also taking place.  That section will be connected to the third portion of the design as we attempt to create a fllow.  It'll probably be a "light" flow this season as we figure out exactly what it'll be in future showings.
Construction will continue through this weekend.  Our plan is to complete the wall/couch section (see top picture) this weekend and make some good progress on the window section.  That third section will wait until next weekend.

Meanwhile, Gator Daughter, who is a major help in our village construction, took more than three hours off Thursday so she could do her old Dad a super favor:  GD vacuumed up two weeks worth of leaves in our yard.  Unfortunately, not all have dropped yet and the lawn is already beginning it's new collection.

I'll have a weekend update on the progress of the the village construction Monday.


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