Thursday, November 18, 2010

Village 2010 progress #4

I had planned to wait until more of the Village we are assembling as our Christmas decoration was ready, but I've gotten a little excited about a brand new section.  We, Gator Wife and I, expanded our window section a little and began looking for a way to connect it with another section.

Wednesday, the idea jumped at us.  We'll put a river from one section to the other.  It along with a pedestrian bridge will connect the two sections.

Here's a first look:
This is very rough.  The contours haven't been made and the river sections (All Department 56, incidentally) have not yet been connected.  If all goes as planned, the river will flow from a waterfall in the back near the window down several layers and to a pond, which is part of Gator Daughter's forest section.  That'll be next to the river in the upper left.  The remainder of the section will be more village and we're thinking about including a waterfront scene.  Again, this is very far from finished as we're just formulating the plans.  But we're looking at it as a possibly exciting addition.
Meanwhile, work is continuing on the sections with buildings already added.  Accessories such as people and other items are being added.  We're still a long way from the trees, snow, and skirt that covers the under part of the display being added.  But it's taking shape.

And now, just for Mrs. Fearless Friend (FF's wife), here's a peek at another member of the clan.  Remember Gator Golden?
She turned seven years old last month.

If you missed them, you can see the first three progress reports by clicking a selection under "Blog Archive" in the right column.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the that beautiful girl. A belated happy birthday.
Your village is taking on a look of outstanding viewing. You and the Gator family do an great job every year.
Enjoy creating a river. Will it be stocked with salmon? If so FF just might like to go fishing.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving,
Mrs. FF