Saturday, November 6, 2010

Village 2010 is underway!

I've stopped my ranting and raving and personal adventure tales.  Instead, now that the holiday season is upon us, anyone interested in following the construction of the Gator Clan's annual Christmas Village periodically can find progress pictures here.

Normally, our construction season runs from Veteran's Day into the Thanksgiving weekend, but this year we've decided to make some changes.  Actually, the major change was necessitated by the installation of a new bay window during the summer and by the installation of new carpeting last spring.

Some table legs on all our displays needed to be lengthened to make the tables stand relatively even.  We had cut some of the original legs about an inch shorter to accommodate a height variance between legs on the old carpet and wood floors near the walls. 

We began that project during October's last weekend.  The table in a space between the couch and wall was corrected.  This table actually extends much further into the front corner of the room.  A section there was also evened off. 

The original window table has also been corrected, but in this situation, all the supporting legs were lengthened to make the table top at the height of the couch.  Previously it sat on the window sill.  This change will allow a better viewing of our popular recreation of the Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

You may notice a gap between the window section and the main table section.  Since the two sections are now close to being the same height, we're going to connect them.  First, and it's the project for the Nov. 6th weekend, we have to change some of the main table legs, which are not secure here, and add the middle support legs.  Then the construction of the joining will begin. 

Thursday, Nov. 11th, we will add the table tops and begin the process of putting our collection into place.  I'll have some progress pictures here next weekend and you'll see the Gator Clan's Christmas Village 2010 taking shape.


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