Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Village 2010 is complete!

The Gator Clan's annual Christmas Village was completed right on schedule.  As you know, we begin assembling our collection of Department 56 village pieces on Veteran's Day with the goal of completing the display during the Thanksgiving Weekend each year.  Our collection includes structures and accessories from the Victorian Village Series and the Dickens Village Series.  It was officially "Lit" for the season on Saturday, Nov. 27th.

Here are some representative pictures of the final display (click the picture for a larger view, then use the back arrow to return here or you'll leave the site):
This is the first sight one sees upon entering our living room.  The display begins behind the couch on the right, continues onto the window platform and then on to a village table on the left.  There also is a Christmas Tree display, also Department 56, on our entertainment center just off to the right.
A closer look at a couch section demonstrates some of the detail.  As you can see, there's also a skirt around the under structure to conceal some of the construction.
The section in front of the window is devoted to Charles Dickens' immortal story of Scrooge and Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol.
The main village also includes the accessories that give some depth to the finished product.

It includes a skating pond in the middle of a woodsy section.

I'll change some of these pictures from time to time in the coming weeks so you can see more of the old Gator in Maine Village 2010.  The village will be dismantled for another year in January.

We do not include all our pieces each year so that we can vary the village from time to time.  All the pieces in our collection including the villages' names, except the skating pond, bonfire, cemetary and base materials, are registered trademarks or copyrighted by Department 56, a division on Enesco, LLC.


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Anonymous said...

A sight to behold. The beginning of a season for joy, music, and smiles. Well done!!
Mrs. FF