Saturday, October 18, 2008

Unusual Weekend: GW is working.

Another weekend is upon us. Gator Wife is working both days this weekend at her part time job. She says there are people on vacation which leaves the place a little understaffed and she was asked if she’d work half days both days. She agreed, so this will be a light weekend around the Gator Land.

Since the Gators football team has a bye week, I won’t have a conflict with the Red Sox so I’ll probably watch as much of Saturday night’s game as I can. I’m hoping there’ll be a Sunday series ender as well. We Red Sox fans got our hopes up Thursday night when the Sox came from a seven run deficit in the last three innings to win game five of the best of seven series. The Rays still led Saturday morning three games to two. The winner of this series plays next week against the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series.

Edited to update: Another night Sunday to have to stay up. The Red Sox evened their series at three games each forcing a final game seven in the ALCS. The winner goes to the World Series. Go Sox!

The Patriots don’t play until the Monday night game. I’ll bet ESPN is all excited about that.

I have designed what I believe will be the change in our Village 2008 layout. As I mentioned in an earlier post, GW and I create a rather large Victorian/Dickens display for the Christmas season. All the pieces depict a Victorian scene or a scene from a Charles Dickens novel. This year GW wants to change one section by creating a mountain on one end of a long piece that sits against the wall behind our living room sofa. It is that mountain that I think I’ve got figured out.

Normally, we begin our construction project which takes up three sides of our living room leaving only the fireplace wall uncovered on Nov. 11th and light the project marking its completion during the Thanksgiving Weekend. We picked Nov. 11th to start simply because back when we were both employed in full time jobs, we had that holiday off. The much earlier start this year was to give us time to design and build the frame for the addition.

We should have that project completed this weekend. I’m not sure if we’ll continue with the full project for this season immediately or wait until our usual Nov. beginning. I’m in favor of the latter for a couple of reasons. First, it keeps us consistent with the project and the time between Thanksgiving and the weekend following New Year’s is long enough. I’m afraid we’ll tire of seeing it up if we start putting the pieces together this weekend.

Nevertheless, firming up the design and cutting the wood for the additional platform will take place and we’ll be all ready when the actual construction gets underway.

With WG’s weekend schedule this weekend, Gator Daughter and her dog won’t be over as much as most weekends. Since the weather is going to be rather nice but cool, they will come at least one if not both afternoons so the dogs can have their playtime and romp in the back yard.

I’m not sure how much longer we’ll have this terrific October weather. I believe it’s been above normal just about all month so far. The occasional shower or little rain we’ve had, and are going to have early in the week, hasn’t detracted at all. And it continues this weekend. We’ll be visiting with you again on Monday, so have a great weekend.


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