Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sox, great! Bailout, mixed reviews! Foliage, maybe!

Thursday. Gator Golden got a couple people a little unhappy this morning. She was a very restless little girl for some reason this morning and got us up earlier than usual. We don’t know what caused the restlessness, but perhaps she sensed some animal passing by outside, which happens quite frequently. In any event, a post I normally write after I get home from Thursday Senior Fitness was begun early.

The good news for this morning: The Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim last night in the first game of the American League first round playoff series 4 to 1. Don’t you just love that team name? Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I’m not sure of the “of” in the name; it could be “in” or some other little preposition. I had forgotten that was the Angels complete name until I got an e-mail from my Fearless Friend yesterday reminding me. It’s a best of five series. Next one on the Coast is Friday before they return to Boston for the weekend.

The bad news: The Senate passed a financial market bailout bill last night. I really shouldn’t call it “bad” news, I guess, as the action was so late last night I haven’t had a chance to look at or read about it. What few blogs and forums I read in the morning indicate there are many people who think the Senate tried to bail themselves out rather than the American people. I’ll concede that’s an unfair assessment considering my knowledge of the bill. The House gets its chance at the bill today, and since the Senate usurped the appropriations right of the House in the Constitution, it could be an interesting debate.

I’m adding this shortly after I arrived home this morning from my session. I listened to local talk shows in both directions of the trip. On one station, House candidates Rep. Charlie Summers and Dem. Chellie Pingree both said they’d note “no” if they were now in Congress. They both cited the bulk of the Senate bill and it’s inclusion of millions of dollars in spending of things other than the bailout. They were talking on WGAN radio broadcasting for the Chamber of Commerce’s Eggs and Issues Breakfast. They both think that the House should totally scrap the Senate bill and write a new, what they call, clean bill. Now back to my early stuff.

Meanwhile, the White House is sort of fighting back accusations it is the responsible party for that financial mess. In a press release yesterday the White House pointed out that President Bush tried numerous times since 2001 to get Congress to act on what he foresaw as an impending crisis. There were, according to the report, 17 attempts this year alone before the bubble let loose.

The weather this morning isn’t giving Gator Wife and me much hope for a sunny foliage trip today as we’ve got showers, clouds and fog early this morning. The weather gal on Ch. 6 says it should burn off by mid morning and the sun will prevail. If that happens, we might strike out midday to take our leaf peeping tour, otherwise there’s always tomorrow.

The time has arrived for me to prepare this water-logged hurtin’ body for an exercise session at the Senior Fitness place. I’ll hold off sending this out into the vastness of space until I return “just in case” another thought or two finds its way into this feeble mind.

As mentioned above, I’m home now and got home to a great surprise. Gator Wife had baked some nice, fresh Cinnabon muffins for breakfast. One always enjoys such things right after exercising to get past meals under control. They sure did taste good.


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