Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hoping for a leaf peeping trip

As I look out my den window this morning, what I see is more of that wet stuff that plagued us all during September. In fact, September, according to the weather folk, was the wettest September since such statistics have been recorded. To make matters even worse, the first nine months of this year were the wettest we’ve ever had. It looks like October is starting out right on cue for some more.

The weather gal this morning did tell us that today’s showers will have a “damp and raw” feeling and the showers will continue tomorrow morning before giving way to some sunshine. The weather for the next few days is very important to Gator Wife and me. We want to take a leaf peeping trip around Western Maine and probably into New Hampshire.

GW normally has Thursdays off from her part time job and we had hoped we’d be able to take that trip tomorrow. We still may, but she’s also taking a personal day off Friday and we could make the trip after an early morning appointment she has. Whichever day we choose will go a long way to breaking a little “cabin fever” we’ve developed this summer. Normally we’ve taken a week or weeks long vacation trip but increasing costs kept us home this year. Ashamedly, we’ve done very little.

We began a little breakout yesterday as our Gator Golden joined us in a circle ride around our area. It wasn’t really beautiful because of the cloud cover. Good leaf peeping absolutely requires the sun be shining. When we did drive through a few sunny spots, we were amazed at the colors. Without that sun, those same colors looked dull.

We did get some encouragement, though, that our time had come. Then I received an e-mail from my Fearless Friend’s daughter, who herself is a blogger. She has a daily round trip drive from her home and her work place. She let me know that the colors along that drive are becoming prettier each day. And FF himself indicated a trip he and Mrs. FF took a few days ago indicated good color. So we’ll combine both those routes with a longer one we’ll design and be off, we hope later this week.

Washington continues to work on some sort of plan to help solve the financial market crisis. It is interesting that without any Congressional action, the market began a big recovery yesterday. The Senate will offer its plan today. The House will resume debate tomorrow. And the Big Debate between vice presidential candidates Rep. Sarah Palin and Dem. Joe Biden is tomorrow night. It could make or break any chance for the Republicans to hold the White house.

Enjoy your Wednesday.


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