Friday, March 28, 2008

A weekend begins again!

Another Friday. The beginning of another weekend. So what happens in Maine? It snows. Yep, here we are almost at the end of March, 28th to be exact, spring has sprung, and it’s snowing. The temperature in my little plot of Maine is above the freezing mark, and was when we got up this morning. It took a while for the falling snow to get the roadways cold enough to support snow, so it was a while before the ground turned white.

In fact in some places, like my driveway, the black continues. There is a little slush out there, but I’m not planning on having to machine clean it. The warmer weather tomorrow and Sunday will finish what remains after today.

Because the temperatures were near or above the freezing mark, the snow was wet and heavy. It created a beautiful sight as it clung to trees and overhead wires. This is one of those times I wish I knew how to post pictures here so I could show you the prettiness outside my home. Perhaps that day of knowledge will come.

Not much new on the Maine budget fiasco. The Senate debated change proposals today and sent its recommendations over to the House. They aren’t expected to be adopted as there so committees, perhaps the full legislature, will work through the weekend. They are on a March 31st, or is it April 1st, deadline. If they miss the date, then the budget can’t go into effect until after the next fiscal year begins.

In any case, because the Democrat proposal is primarily a band aid approach to fixing the revenue shortfall and not addressing the ridiculous spending that got us into this mess, the Democrats will have to take full credit for more mess which probably will start April 15th. I’ve seen some estimates that the final deficit will be from 350 to 600 million dollars, not the 200 million it is now.

My son called yesterday to let us know he was safely home. He had left here Wednesday morning to return to the West Coast. I don’t know what happened, but he was a little later getting to his airport destination than anticipated. He flew to Boston in a direct flight on Alaska Air in five hours. His return on Delta with a layover in New York took 11 hours. He didn’t get home until after one a.m.

I had told him snow had been predicted for today here. I have a picture taken in front of my house which I just decided to email to him. I thought he might like to see what he missed. There’s very little snow where he lives and I think he had been hoping to see some falling here.


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