Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A very deep hole!

This is the last full day my son and granddaughter will be in Maine so I have only a brief comment for today. They will be at our home tomorrow morning for breakfast before they leave for Logan Airport.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day for Republicans. The debate on the state budget adjustments begins. There are enough Democrats to pass the budget without any Republican votes so most observers think a trick used a couple of times in recent years has a chance of being pulled again. Vote their budget so the Governor can sign it before the month’s end and then adjourn. That will allow the revised budget to go into effect June 1st. Otherwise, it’ll be three months after adjournment before the budget can become law.

Once the adjournment takes place, the governor will immediately call the Legislature back into session to complete its work. It’s a scummy trick.

I hope the Republicans in the Legislature will stand together and not participate in any way if it appears this will be the case. The Democrats then will completely own the disaster that’s about to hit Maine. Their budget does not address any of the underlying problems with finance; it only is a band aid fix that will cause the budget to be in even worse shape next year, or more likely, before this year is done.

I think the Republicans should remain mute in the special session. The Democrats have dug the financial hole this state is in; they should have to be the ones to answer for it come November.


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