Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm learning a new trick!

This is just a test to see how including pictures works in blog. I've never tried it before so I asked a really good person who unwittingly led me to this blog business. Since I have a picture here, it's easy to say Sheepish Annie is a good teacher. Thanks, SA.
The scene you're looking at (Oh, yea, she's a teacher -- The scene at which you're looking) was taken during a spring storm yesterday. I probably should take another shot as it looks today because all the snow clinging to the trees is gone and much of it on the ground has also disappeared. But SA told me it was really easy to include pictures and she was correct.
Obviously I still have a few little kinks to work out, like sizing, placing it later in the post, perhaps a cute caption. And, I guess, how to double space between paragraphs.
Back in December when I started posting with some regularity, SA sent me a note that said I should include pictures and some other stuff (some of which is now on the page) as pictures make a post a lot more interesting. Now, I guess, I've got to find some interesting stuff to photograph.
Our Maine legislature is in recess for the weekend. I suspect some committees of both the Maine House and Senate, especially the appropriations and taxation committees, are working this weekend trying to work out some kinks in their respective plans as they must be unified before passage. Both are Democrat plans. Republican plans have been rejected. The Democrats control both houses as well as the governor's office.
It's looking like the budgets to fix a 200-million-dollar revenue shortfall will be passed April First. Neither of House nor the Senate plan deals with the spending and revenue problems that have led to the shortfall. And many legislative observers have said the shortfall will grow even more.
I can't think of a better day, April Fools' Day, for final action on this fiasco.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Looks good! Of course, it is a picture of snow and that is something I can live without these days. But, it is a good shot and well posted! Frankly, it is a heck of a lot better than the picture of my new boots that I put up yesterday... ;)