Friday, March 14, 2008

Darn cold shuts my mind down!

I’m simply not feeling too well today and I really don’t have much to discuss here. So, this is another of those rare days when you just might want to move on.

I’m reasonably sure it’s just a common cold that has me down today. My wife has had one for a little more than a week so I guess she gave it to me. I literally mean “gave.” Yesterday she was feeling better while I was hacking away. Yesterday she was anxious to do things while I needed a nap.

This morning, she was just about over hers. I’m feeling sorry for myself. I mentioned to her just a few minutes ago that I thought she had given me her cold. “Good,” said she. “I’m really feeling great. Thanks for taking it.”

I guess helping each other out in these times of illness is just part of more than 45 years of marriage. All this breaks down to one simple thing. It’ll be easy to do some recuperating tomorrow; the weatherman says we’re going to get four to seven inches of new snow. Nevertheless, I don’t want to write today because my mind only wants to nap. If you’re still here, thanks for bearing with me.


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