Friday, March 7, 2008

Another weekend; another storm

I’m beginning to think that there just might be one good thing resulting from all the storms we’ve had here in Southern Maine this winter. It gives fools like me who think they can come up with something to say something to say. No different today, either. I haven’t really given a lot of thought to what I would write about tonight because I foolishly allowed Mr. Norton (Symantec Software) to upgrade his program on one of my computers. I’ve spend most of this day trying to get the thing to work the way I want it to work and not the way Mr. Norton thinks is best for me.

So, we have another in our continuing every other day winter storms heading our way for tonight. It’ll be a double hit as just about as soon as it moves out tomorrow morning, another will have us in its sights for tomorrow night and Sunday morning. But this is March and here along the coast daytime temperatures are reaching into the 40s. Simply put, that means we’ll have mostly rain in this part of the state. The overnight temperatures will drop below freezing so we will get a little sleet and some icing, but folks way up on the northern corner of our state are facing another foot and a half of snow.

We seem to get our share of these storms on weekends which really disrupts out visits with our daughter. Our Golden also will be looking for her sister, the daughter’s Golden, beginning about 11 o’clock tomorrow morning. I have no idea how dogs know days of the week and time of day, but our little girl will start watching out the window just about 11 tomorrow morning, and again Sunday looking for her sister. She doesn’t assume that pose any other time unless we specifically tell her she’s going to have company.

If the weather folk are correct, there’s a good chance we will have visitors at least one of the days. Rain usually doesn’t leave bad driving conditions, just wet ones. So we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what these storms bring.

My friend who’s in Florida for the winter and I seem to be having an “I can outdo you” contest over the weather. The weather seems to be just a little more active this season than in past. While we are getting snow/sleet/rain just about every other day, he’s getting severe wind, heavy rain, and almost daily tornado warnings. I’ve never seen a tornado, except on television, and I don’t think one has actually touched down in my friend’s winter home area. I do, however, think that I’d rather have the snow and the wintry mix that we get than a tornado. I lived year round in that state back in the 50s and I can’t remember even hearing of a warning.

If we do have a wet weekend as predicted, I still have a project on which to work. I need more work with Mr. Norton’s abomination, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if a very long friendship and trust in a product doesn’t come to an end sometime very soon.


Edited at 7:30 to add a response from my friend in Florida: He says about 10 years ago a tornado actually touched down in his Central Florida area near a ball park where one of the major league teams holds its spring training program. He said the Tornado actually moved several trailers in a nearby park onto the Florida Turnpike and raised a lot of havoc around the park. My friend was at his home in Maine when all this happened and his mother was living in the house he now uses for his winter vacations. He said he called her and she was O.K., but rather shaken at the storm. Thought you might like to know.

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