Friday, March 21, 2008

A great first day!

The glorious day finally arrived about suppertime last night. Our son and his family arrived for a visit. If you’ve read this spot for any time, you know my wife and I have been looking forward to this visit since January. We hadn’t seen our son or his family for several years. They live in a west coast state, but now he’s here.

It just occurred to me the irony of his arriving at suppertime. Imagine. A son arriving home in time for supper. I think that had happened a few times over the years until he left Maine some 15 years ago.

It was about 3 o’clock yesterday when we got a call from Boston. The group was on the shuttle heading to the rental car lot. The anticipation here grew exponentially. It seemed like ten hours later when MGD announced they’re were in the driveway. It really wasn’t that long, of course.

After a normal welcome and greeting, the hugs, kisses, etc., our dog decided to join the fun. It had to be one of the funniest sights I’ve seen concerning that dog. Until now, she had been hiding behind MGD, which in itself was unusual as she’s generally a hyped up little girl who wants to kiss everyone. She took a couple of steps toward these strangers, stopped, literally backed up, and hid behind us.

We suspect why, but really don’t know. The westerners live on a farm and have horses, goats and other animals, including cats. They deal in cats. They had two kittens with them, but not physically at the welcoming session. They’re going to be stopping in another state on the way home to deliver the kittens to their new owners. We think our dog spelled mostly the kittens but also other animals on their clothes and timidity set in.

Throughout the evening the dog would move to within a couple feet of the family, the quickly back away. MGD even tried to coax the dog, but that didn’t work either. So far, our dog has not accepted my son and his family.

A nice visit catching up on years of happenings and then we had our meal. More great conversation. But the little family was totally exhausted from the long plane trip to Boston and then the drive to Maine, so we all recognized they needed some sleep and off they went to their motel. Our dog hid behind us as she watched them depart.

Now we’ll have a few days to get reacquainted and to get to know our young granddaughter. And, as that oft-quoted advertisement says, these days will be priceless.


Back to my favorite rant these days, the Maine budget crisis. The Democrat governor, the Democrat legislative leaders, the Democrat members of the committees, all met into the night last night and crafted a budget to present to the full Legislature next week. Although the Democrats are calling it bi-partisan effort because Republicans had been involved in some of the deliberations in committee, several reports have stated that the Republicans had not participated in the final preparations last night. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week when the full legislative battle gets under way. I might have more ranting on this one tomorrow.


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