Sunday, November 17, 2013

Village 2nd weekend

Last time we told you that our village 2013 is well underway.  You can read about the village itself here in the last post.  Our goal every year is to begin the construction of the village on Veterans' Day, Nov. 11th, and complete it for showing that Thanksgiving Weekend.  We started on time but it now looks like we'll be finished this coming weekend.

We won't open it officially, though, until after Thanksgiving as the village is our celebration of the Christmas season, which in our house runs between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, or unofficially until New Year's Day.

We completed the construction of the tables we created to hold the display of Department 56 Victorian and Dickens collections structures and accessories.  This year's structures have all been placed and trees and accessories have been added to a large portion of the display. 

A limited edition of Charles Dickens' reading his story, A Christmas Carol, highlights the central section of our display .  Most all the pieces in this section highlight places in the story.  Those three buildings in the back, for example, are Ebenezer Scrooge's home, the Scrooge and Marley office, and Nephew Fred's home.

As we place the structures in the "main" section of our village, you can get an idea of what our table structure, Styrofoam base, and wiring looks like.  Once completed, we put a skirt around the whole layout to conceal everything under the very top.

Many of the trees have not yet been added, but we have five boxes of them, two shown here, just waiting to give some life to the display.
During the week we'll add most of the trees and accessories and next Saturday and, perhaps Sunday, my wife and daughter will put the skirt around the outside.  The final touch, New Fallen Snow, also Department 56, will be sprinkled about and our village 2013 will be completed, but waiting for another week before it becomes official.

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