Friday, November 8, 2013

Busy, busy weekend

Edited:  Monday, Nov. 11:  This is a very important day.  First, Thank You to all you veterans' for protecting us for the past couple hundred years.  We really do appreciate what you have done and offer you our humble salute.
However, another very important event is also being celebrated today in our home.  It was 52 years ago today that my wife Sandra and I gave our vows in our church.  We've had 52 always wonderful years even though we, like everyone, have faced some tough times.  Perhaps it was facing those times that got us here today as they were faced and conquered together.  The very best part is the good times will continue after today.  So, to my super wife Sandra, thank you for 52 great years of trust, growth, and companionship.  I'm very happy that they are continuing.
Happy Anniversary, Sandra.  I love you even more than I did on the November day in 1961.
And now, back to my normal blogging.  And village construction continues. . .

Hmmm.  I wonder why she isn't interested in my big ball.
The family fun begins this weekend.  Oh, it has nothing to do with the two dogs playing outside, although weather permitting they will get a lot of time.  No, this is the weekend we celebrate 52 years of our family being a family.  Well, two of us, anyway.  A daughter and a son joined us later in the 1960s.
Monday is Veteran's Day, the day we traditionally begin creating our seasonal (Christmas) village.  This year we're taking advantage of the honor vets day to have our daughter here each weekend day, including Monday, to begin putting it together.  If all goes well, and it should, we plan each year to have the village completed and lighted by the end of the weekend following Thanksgiving.  We have almost three weeks this year.
Our village is constructed from Victorian and Charles Dickens' collectables from Department 56.
Our outside landscape is about to undergo a major change.  We arranged today for a couple of very old, large, probably diseased (according to the arborist), and dying oak trees to be removed.  One problem we've had with them for the last few years is the snow and ice on their limbs in the winter.  Some of those limbs are between the power lines coming into our home.  Winds cause the limbs to bounce off the wires and a couple years ago even pulled the line out of the side of our house.
They have completed their useful life.  There's a good chance I won't miss the acorns, though.
My goodness.  That got me thinking.  I sure hope someone doesn't determine I've completed my useful life while I'm still alive. 
Have a great weekend yourself.

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