Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Village Time

As we've done for years, we began construction of our Christmas Village during the Veteran's Day Holiday Weekend.  We made some pretty good progress, too.  It helps to be using the same basic table (base) design for the third year in a row, but the placement of the structures and accessories change annually.

About 99% of our Village arises from Department 56® Victorian© and Charles Dickens© collections.  Even the Newly Fallen Snow© is from the collections.  We do have a skating pond and a few trees that are not Department 56.  The Village uses one wall section between part of our sectional sofa and a wall, the entire window section and the area behind the other section of the sofa is the story of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the story of Ebenezer Scrooge.  The biggest section is near our front door.

We're off to a good start this year and will easily meet our goal of officially lighting the completed Village during Thanksgiving weekend.

Here is the wall section mostly completed:
We still need to add the accessories like trees to this section, but that will wait until the final weekend.  The last to be added to the table tops is the snow and then we conclude with a skirt around all the tables.
The structures for the window section and some of the accessories are now in place in about half of the window section.  When it is completed, it will consist mostly of structures and people in the Christmas Carol story.  Annually, this is the most popular section of our presentation.  That white box in front contains the next structure to be added, but we were getting tired as stopped here.
Still to come is what we call the "main" section, part village, part farmland, part woods and mountain.  That has not yet been started.  We have a waterfront group of structures and accessories that we're considering adding this year after a couple years absence.  That may not happen, though, as we're still in the talking/planning stage for the main. 
Another part of our collection is mostly rather large pieces and very much out of scale with the rest.  We had hoped to include them this year, but they look so out of place, that plan may be abandoned.  In years past those pieces had a table display all to themselves when our Village was in three rooms.  We've now consolidated all the presentation into just the living room.
Now the construction phase is "on hold" until this next weekend.  We'll show you the progress then when the weekend is over.

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