Monday, November 25, 2013

Village is ready -- 1

As you know, we, i.e. my wife, daughter and I, erect a village display in our living room as our celebration of the Christmas season.  We start work on the project on Nov. 11th, not because it's Veteran's day, but because it is also my wife's and my wedding anniversary.  Our goal is to have the display lighted and ready for enjoying during Thanksgiving Weekend.

We were ahead of schedule this year.  In all fairness, because the 11th was on a Monday, we got our start on the previous Saturday giving us a two day head start. 
I have three scenes from the Village to show you today.  Each of these are from a long, narrow section behind on leg of our sectional sofa.  My flash washed out some of the pictures, but you can see the intricate detail we attempt to include.
I'll work on that flash situation before I publish a full gallery on my website.
All of the structures, people, carts, and other similar accessories are collectibles from the Department 56® Victorian and Charles Dickens collections.  About 90% of the trees are from Department 56 as is all of the "New Fallen Snow."  Two major areas are homemade: a cemetery and a skating pong.
All these samples come from a section we call The Couch Section.  In all of these pictures I'll blame the weekend's high winds for the leaning of some of the trees.
We'll have three samples from the most popular section, a representation of Charles Dickens' story of Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim in the next showing in a day or two.

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