Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Season has begun; The Village 2013 is completed!

Our goal every year is to complete and light our presentation of a Department 56® collectible Victorian Collection© and Charles Dickens Collection© during Thanksgiving Weekend.  We begin our project on Veterans' Day and work on it mostly during weekends when our daughter can help us.  We dismantle the Village shortly after New Year's Day.

We've been putting progress reports here and so these are probably among our last words on the Village for this year.

All the structures and a few accessories are electrified so the last act of construction is to "flip the switch."  Right on schedule, we "flipped" it Thanksgiving night.

The majority of the pictures I take of the project have now been published on my personal website for family and friends.  However, I've chosen six to show you here.

The Village is divided into five areas.  The one above is what we call "The Main Section."  You can see the structures and accessories on the table, but you can't see the Department 56 Fresh Fallen Snow that, when viewed at our home, gives it the winter wonderland feel.  Way off in the back corner is a mountain with a lodge and many woods creatures.

This close-up of one part of the Main Section gives a little more idea of the detail throughout our display.

The Skating Pond is also a featured Main Section creation.  The pond was built by our daughter but the figures and accessories are Department 56.

In our front window area is the story of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.  Nearly all the structures and accessories are from the story.  It is probably the favorite section of most of our visitors.
There's a lot of activity in the Dickens Village Square.

Finally, we have this view from a narrow section that runs the length of one side of our sectional sofa against the wall. 

I hope you've enjoyed our quick look at the family Christmas Village.  Friends and family can see the full photo gallery on my personal website.  If I had a clue on how to post such things as the gallery on Facebook, I would have done it, too.

Merry Christmas, Dave

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