Friday, September 6, 2013

Less tension on visits by new pup

          After a week or so, our daughter brought her new puppy, Brandy, to our house for a visit and to give the little one and our Golden Mariah a continuing chance of getting to know each other.  This session was by far the best one since Brandy arrived at her new home in Portland two weeks ago.  They had a wonderful time chasing each other around our back yard.  After an hour or so, they decided it was time to rest.  They waited patiently for the three of us two-legged folk to get the hint and let them inside.  As you can see, there's no apparent problem between the two ... so far/
     You've read here many times how much I dislike my inexpensive camera because it doesn't have a view finder.  Getting a picture requires looking at a little screen on the back side.  When the sun is shining, it is impossible to see absolutely anything on that screen.  I would have thought Nikon could have designed a better way to view potential pictures.
     Most of the time all I could do was aim the camera in the general direction of the subjects and click the picture.  Sometimes I got lucky.  The picture below was captured in darkened shadows behind our garage, but my picture software was able to give it some light even though the result is not natural.
          I'm sorry it's so washed out, but at least you can see the two dogs being dogs.
     Brandy always seems to have her nose to the ground as she explores what she seems to understand is her new home away from home. 
     Mariah still loves to play with her now old soccer ball.  We are always amazed and amused that she can still get it into her mouth to carry it.  She'll bring it back to get kicked and gleefully race off to fetch it once again.
     I hope you enjoyed today's adventure of an old dog and a new pup still getting to know each other.


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