Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Goldens are accepting each other

[Edited Saturday AM]  Our Mariah had a very slight accident Friday and split a toenail.  The Vet says she's O.K. and he bandaged the cut.  It did bleed.  We can demonstrate that by showing you the rugs inside our house.  She's not showing any problems this morning, but her new playmate, our daughter's puppy Brandy, will be staying home this weekend so the two dogs don't get too excited and aggravate Mariah's paw.  Therefore, we won't have any pictures for a while.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this previously posted post.--Dave
Our daughter's new puppy, Brandy, is turning color to be a Golden Retriever more and more every day.  She started out in this life as an almost white one.  She's growing in size very rapidly, too.

Our 10-year-old Golden, Mariah, is now accepting the new arrival in her life and almost enjoys playing.  Here they're on our deck as the dog whispers something into the pup's ear.  They're probably making plans to disrupt the people in their lives.

The big ol' soccer ball continues to be Mariah's outside ball.  She chases it when it's thrown by one of her adults.  Then she picks it up with her mouth and prances back with it to be thrown again.
Brandy has learned to chase a ball, too.  That's a tennis ball which she carries around to be like her new playmate.  Here she seems to be looking at the big ball wondering if she'll ever be able to carry it like Mariah.
I hope you enjoyed these looks at a new and an old Golden learning and becoming friends.

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