Saturday, August 31, 2013

Big and Little

A little contrast here:  The more golden one is our dog Mariah and the little nearly white fluffy one is our daughter's new puppy Brandy.  The puppy wants to be friends with the older one and is used to being around much larger than she and older dogs because she was with her Mom for 11 weeks.  Mariah, on the other hand, tries to tolerate the little one and does a real good job when they are out in the back yard. 

It is fun watching the pair chase each other around the yard and that little devil is extremely quick.  I think Mariah here is looking around to find another new place to take Brandy as she introduces the new one to our yard.

On another topic, my  college team, the Florida Gators, won its first game of this season by beating Toledo 24 to 6.  Thanks to I was able to watch the game.  I was somewhat disappointed in the Gator play.  It was slow, uninspiring, and simply just plain average.  The Gators play Miami next weekend and they're going to have to play a lot better football if they want to remain winners.

Go Gators!


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