Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

The 2012 Labor Day Weekend is here.  This year it ends both the astrological summer (June, July, and August) and the summer tourist season.  This weekend also officially begins 2012 election season, even though it seems like that season has been underway for four years.

The Republicans officially have a nominee for President, Mitt Romney, and a running mate for him, Congressman Paul Ryan.  Shortly after the weekend, the Democrats will have their official nominees, too, as both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will make it official.  No surprises here; they're the only ones running.

And then, let the fun begin!

We can expect our state and local candidates for offices swing into high gear this weekend, too.  A lot of hands need to be shaken and many doorbells need to be rung.  Unfortunately, we'll probably be inundated with those campaign, poll, and robo calls, too. At least there are just a couple of months left until the elections.

The best part of this weekend, however, is the family and friends' fun times:  BBQs, fun get-togethers, and some moments to honor what's left of our working men and women.  Summer camps will be closed as will most of the places in Old Orchard Beach.  All in all, it'll be a fun-filled holiday weekend and it's starting out rather warm.

I hope you have a super weekend as I plan to do. 


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