Thursday, August 2, 2012

August brings a return to discomfort

I don't think I'm a happy camper.  Oh, nothing bad has happened; it's just that the weather is taking a turn for increasing humidity.  I have joints, just like many of you, that have begun complaining about this stuff heading into Maine.

It'll bring some unstable weather along with it, too.  In fact, the weather guy I watch most of the time said that Saturday would be the driest day of those into next week.  If it turns out to be true, my lawn could take a little hit.  I don't do well in heat and humidity so that lawn might not get its weekly trim.  We'll have to see.

We've seen a lot on the TV Weather recently on the dew point.  One of the meteorologists gave us a little lesson on why it is more important than the humidity in determining comfort levels.  I don't think I understood the lesson.  Dew points still are meaningless to me and I'm sure it's the humidity that gets into my joints causing all the attention rather than those dew points.  I grew up with humidity and simply know that when it's high, I'm uncomfortable.

I'm uncomfortable.

I'm also not happy with the telephone.  It seems to ring constantly and more often than not, there's nothing be silence on the other end.  I always pick up because I don't like listening to the ringing.  Sometimes I simply press talk then end within a moment and really don't know who was on the other end.  When my Caller I.D. lets me know I have a friendly incoming, I do answer that.

I have learned, though, that Rachel has so much fun she's letting friends help her get me a lower credit card interest rate.  Same company, though.  I haven't paid any interest since the 1980s, though, so it's moot.

The television stations must absolutely love this time of year.  It seems like every other commercial, and there are a lot of them, is about politics.  I have learned that one potential Presidential candidate loves America.  I learned that from another potential candidate who hasn't shown me he does, yet.

One of the Maine candidates for U.S. Senate might be learning that Truth is very hard to effectively attack.

Those are my non-political statements for this time around.

I hope you find a way to keep cool for the next several days.  Remember to keep yourself hydrated...water might be the best for that...and check on your elderly relatives and friends.  When I mentioned to do that last time, it worked for me as my Fearless Friend did check on me.


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