Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Opening Ceremonies

Are you watching the Olympics?  I said recently that I probably wouldn't see  very much of the coverage.  I only saw the 2008 opening ceremony on reruns or news clips, but what I saw was really spectacular.  This year, especially since just about all other TV programming was reruns and since the Red Sox are easy to miss (and as it turned out the Friday game was especially easy), I decided to watch some of the London opening.

Some of it was pretty good, like the first hour or so and the spectacular lighting of the torch at the end, but in between was lot of very less than exciting stuff.  Like the McCartney song.  Wow!  That just went on and on and on.  It wasn't even well done and all I got out of it was the belief that McCartney thought he was the Olympics.

Some of that first hour was real interesting to watch as the history of England was attempted to be shown.  The scenery changes and the thousands of people all getting into their places were spectacular.  Some was a little less, though, such as the music through the years segment. 

I've read mixed reviews of the Queen's and James Bond's parachuting into the arena from a helicopter.  Of course neither did as doubles were used, but it was fun watching the mini-play.

I was really impressed with the forging of the Olympic Rings and their rise into the night sky.

The arrival of the torch at the end was also exciting as it was passed to a group who ran around the stadium and eventually to the lighters of the official torch.  Each member of the selected youth group carried the torch for a short distance and it was a run that I'd bet none of them would ever forget.  The official torch rose into the air officially programming, "The Games have begun."

After thinking about it, I think the Beijing opening was a whole lot more spectacular.

Now the athletes are competing.  I probably won't be able to offer too many comments on that.


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