Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July TV sports doldrums

I don't find this season to be most exciting time of the year for sports on TV.  All the college tournaments are behind us and the next season, most notably football, doesn't begin for another month and a half.  Now that'll be the best TV time of the year for this old Gator.

The Little League World Series will begin later this month.  I think the Big League division starts on July 25th.  It's early in August, the 6th, I think, that the regular LLWS gets underway.  Of course, there are local, state, regional tournaments heading up to the World Series.  I haven't seen a TV schedule, yet; but I do like to watch the innocence and dedication of the kids.

Also later this month the Olympics begin in London.  I can't tell you why, but I rarely watch any Olympic coverage.  I just can't get excited by professional athletes pretending they're amateurs. It does seem like fewer and fewer are trying to convince us of the pretense, though.  Nevertheless, I probably won't see too many of the games.

If you have followed my comments at all over the last few years, you already know how I feel about so-called All Star Games.  Seems to me there was one recently.  I was true to my form so cannot offer any comments.  And I never watch the pre-game hype stuff in any sport, including my beloved football.

I know I'm in a very small group that has these opinions of some sports.  My Fearless Friend, for example, watches most of the shows I dislike.  If I were a gambling man, I'd bet that FF's favorite sport of all is auto racing.  I'd hate to try to remember all the times I've asked him a question about racing and the answers just rolled out of his fingers with ease.  He does know how I feel about the non-game activities and rarely even mentions them to me.

I have been watching some of the Red Sox games, but that isn't easy.  I also check in with the White Sox games.  They've got a player in Chicago that must be giving Red Sox decision makers nightmares.  Youkilis is his name.

Of course there still are some real exciting sports events on weekly.  Golf comes to mind.  I used to watch PBA bowling regularly back in the days when matches were bowled.  Does anyone really watch tennis?

When I lived in Florida, I used to love to go bowling.  I threw 11 straight strikes once (never even came close again).  You talk about choking.  That 12th ball rolled almost the length of the lane in the gutter.  When I returned to Maine, the gal that would become my wife and I went candlepin bowling.  There's a difference between a 16 pound ball and that little one.  My first attempt never hit the lane and bounced off the wall at the end.  The manager came over to say a few words to me.  I forget what they were.

So, if anyone really cares, there are some thoughts of TV sports this July.  I can't wait for my vacation in Amish Country, PA.


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