Thursday, July 5, 2012

To Trip or Not To Trip

Now that the holiday is over, my wife and I are setting our sights on a vacation we'll be taking to Pennsylvania.  At least that the plan for now.  We had planned to take that vacation later this month, but now we'll have to do some "homework" to see if our planned destination is O.K. to visit.  As you know, much of the mid-Atlatic area has been hit by some pretty severe storms.

We like to visit the Lancaster, PA, area.  That's right below Philadelphia so some investigating will be necessary.  That's how I'll be spending the next few days, making sure it's safe for us to travel there, checking on accomodation availability, and if the theater we visit is O.K.

We choose Lancaster because of that theater, the Sight and Sound Millenium Theater right in the middle of Amish Country.  There's also an excellent dinner theater, the Dutch Apple, which we include on our schedule. 

The productions at both theaters are absolutely excellent, but totally different.  The dinner theater is a quaint place with a small stage that produces mostly older Broadway productions.  The Sight and Sound theater is a massive theater with an equally massive production.  All its productions are Biblical and feature the stories of the First Testament. 

The stage is a sort of semi-circle that half surrounds the audience in the floor seating.  The multi-level production utilizes the full space, including the aisles.  Live animals along with the actors take advantage of the space.  This year's production is "Jonah."

We've seen all, or nearly all, of the productions in the last several years and have looked forward to the next one.  We haven't visited the theater every year, however, as some of the productions are so massive and powerful they run for two years.  I think just about all showings are sold out each year.

So, looking forward to "getting away from home" for a few days later this month is what's in our plan book.

We're also planning a pretty nice weekend, although Saturday might be an interesting day, and I hope you will have one also.


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