Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Less than a month to go!

The official, well at least the unofficial official beginning of the election season begins in just three weeks and a couple of days.  If the last several weeks have been any indication, this fall season is going to be explosive. 

Labor Day, this year Sept. 3rd, is the traditional start.  I remember well when the candidates attended Labor Day festivities to begin their run for state and local elected offices.  Even Congressional offices were very light between the primary elections to select candidates and Labor Day.  Shucks, even those primaries used to be held in September.

The Presidential campaigns usually started right after the respective party conventions when the nominees were determined.  The Conventions were usually held late in the summer, although there may have been some in the mid summer.  It was fun listening or watching the conventions as the nominees usually weren't determined until then.  Not much drama this year to draw much interest.

I've been saying here that until those conventions take place later this month, technically there are no nominees, but there probably aren't too many folks around that couldn't make a pretty accurate guess who the party nominees will be.

Since this is dedicated to the "season," a political comment, actually there'll be another one later, might be in order.  Every time I hear one of the potential candidates, the one who apparently has nothing to run on, tell us what the other one will do to destroy America, I can't help but thinking, "Look in the mirror.  He had a good teacher."  I hear him say, "We tried it his way, it didn't work."  My thought is, "What have you done in the last four years that did work?"

In our state, watching the "He did"/"No, I didn't" debate going on between two of the Senate candidates is fun to read.  The candidate already crowned by the main stream media may be going through a little distressful time right now.  It's going to be interesting to watch this one play out.  The other Senate candidates in the race have been noticeably quiet, and for that I thank them.

The Congressional District races, at least here in District One, have been relatively quiet.  I have been reading about some activity in District Two. 

Of course, there are many state/local/county races to be decided as well.  For the most part they seemed to have agreed with my "It doesn't start until Labor Day" statement.

My telephone has been rather quiet in recent weeks.  If it weren't for Rachel and her group of credit card callers and the plethora of political calls, I don't think I'd have any calls.  That's O.K.  At least those political calls can be fun.  If the call is a computer generated one, I simply hang up.  If there's a person on the other end, I ask, "For whom or what cause are you calling.  I'll know who to put on my 'Don't support' list."  Hard to believe, I've been hung up on a couple of times.

Sept. 3rd is less than a month away.  Then the fun will really begin for the candidates.


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