Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One convention over; the second is underway.

Labor Day is now behind us for another year.  Except for a dampish glitch Saturday, it was a nice weekend.  Labor Day itself turned out a little cool in our yard, but the sun was shining, and that's good.  Let's see.  What's next?  Not a holiday, but the beautiful season is just around the corner.

The Republican Party convention is also behind us, but for longer than another year.  I guess I can't claim to be a "good Republican" as I didn't watch any of the festivities.  I caught the snippets that the news media wanted me to see.  Naturally, most of the snippets were attempts to denigrate the GOPers.  The two or three brief looks at "The Empty Chair" made me wish I'd seen all of that section.  Clint Eastwood seemed to have a funny sketch.  Several million Internet followers have caused the YouTube version race around the nation and world.

I neither read nor heard any surprises out of the convention.  We were told just how rotten this nation is heading and that the solution to returning America to its greatness was to elect Republicans in November.  You already know how I feel about those sentiments.

Now it's the Democrats' turn.  Their convention is underway this week.  We'll be told that President Obama just needs another four years to move us forward and his outcome will be much better than anything the Republicans can deliver.  He says he has the plans for a future.  Well, we've seen how well his plans have worked for the past four years and that leaves us wondering if his version of "forward" is to continue to move us forward into the abyss of oblivion.

When the Dem convention is over, wouldn't it be nice if the name calling and absurdities ended and the two sides finally begin discussing the solutions to fixing the nation's economy, lack of employment, taxes, healthcare, and other issues facing us?

Naw!  Won't happen!

One of the best things about this time of year is football.  You know I love football, especially the college variety.  It looks like we'll be seeing games all through the week and not only Saturdays this year.  That works for me.  Unfortunately for me, that might be high among the least favorite TV offerings for my bride.  A couple nights each week, she goes to bed early as she has a part time job that requires a very early rising two or three days.  Now, let's hope that schedule coincides with the football games.

Speaking of football, I watched the Gators win their opener last Saturday.  As I said they won, but I sure came away with the feeling this could be one mighty long season.


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