Monday, September 24, 2012

A little this, a little that

Another Monday and once again I'm not too excited about events so I'll make this one short.  There is one good thing on my calendar for the week:  Wednesday is the last one this month so the little gathering of several of us retirees will be heading to our monthly lunch.  I look forward to those days which have been continuing ever since we retired in 1996.  Actually, the group has changed over the years as we've been both joined and abandoned.

Nothing has change for me, though.  I still enjoy the monthly sessions of good conversation. 

 Even though the Red Sox had a nice win Sunday, mercifully, the regular Major League Baseball season is drawing to close.  The Red Sox have had miserable seasons most of my life, but I can't remember one quite as bad as this one.  The Sox, as you already know, will be ending its season when the regular games end.  There is some hope for the future, though.  The Pawtucket Red Sox, the Triple-A team of the Sox, won the Triple-A championship this year and some players will be heading for Boston for the next season.

The NFL Players union has sent a letter to the owners demanding the lockout of the regular referees be resolved immediately for the safety of the players.  Complaints have been numerous about the quality of the replacement officials.  My observation of a couple of games Sunday indicated that the quality hasn't improved after two weeks experience.  Even some replay calls were miscalled.  And the calls didn't get any better Sunday.  --Edited Tues AM:  And then there was Monday Night Football.--Pitiful.

It amazes me that the NFL can fine players and coaches for complaining about the calls yet it appears the officials may get a reprimand for a missed call, but no real punishment occurs, at least that we know of.  Oh, yes, there was one well-publicized suspension of one replacement who openly admitted he was a fan of one of the teams he was about to officiate.

And speaking of the NFL, one of the games I watched Sunday was the New York Jets game which the Jets won in overtime.  It's been apparent that either the Jets don't know how to handle Gator Tim Tebow or teach him how to play the game their way or the pundits have been right all along, Tebow simply isn't an NFL quality quarterback.

Only 40 or so days left before the November elections.  Even though I usually just hang up on robocalls, they continue to drive me batty.  Some might say (FF?) that I'm already batty, but those calls continue to irritate me.  I'll start my tally sheet and vote against the candidates or issues that bother me the most.

I already know how I'll vote, probably so do you.  Those calls absolutely will not influence me unless they drive me away.  Wouldn't it be nice if the computer recorded the number of hangups and eliminated that number from their lists?  We know that won't happen.


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