Friday, September 7, 2012

It just might get even dirtier!

Finally, we officially have what we've all known for months or longer, President Obama is the Democratic nominee for President in the Nov. elections and Mitt Romney will vie for the office under the Republican banner. Both of them along with their vice presidential nominees, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan respectively, and their spouses will begin the head to head battle today (Friday) in New Hampshire.

It would be extremely nice if the charges and counter charges between now and November focused on the issues facing us, but one of the candidates would have a hard time defending his record while the other will be probably also be dodging the issues.  So, one might think we're in for perhaps the dirtiest presidential election season we've ever seen.

We've heard the nominees speak their pieces.  Unfortunately, my Daddy taught me a most valuable lesson about words.  It is generally easy to say them, but they are really meaningless until deeds are performed.  I can promise my wife I'll fix her a special meal and she'd be pleased.  But then when I served a fluffer-nutter sandwich, she might be just a little suspicious of my real intentions. 

I feel pretty much the same way about convention speeches, or just about any speech for that matter.  For the last four years we've heard one of the candidates tell us what wonderful things he's going to do for America.  He promised to cut the deficit, for example and his result was to grow it by more than five trillion dollars.  I'm still waiting.  The other nominee is also telling us great things can be accomplished, but he has never been in the Oval Office.  It's a wait and see game.

On the economy:  Why is it that every time government creates a new rule, task force, or law to make life better for us, it ends up taking more money out of our pockets making us poorer?  I'm not sure either of the nominees will improve that condition. 

And on Obamacare, I got a cartoon in e-mail today, you know, one of those "Forwards."  It said, "If Obamacare is so great, why did he exempt himself?"

I don't think I'll add anything at this time.

Shucks, I just think it's time to hope you have a super weekend.


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