Saturday, February 25, 2012

A now "gone" storm reminded us it is still February in Maine

I don't normally say "Hello" on a Saturday, but weekend plans are undergoing serious review during this final weekend on February.

I had mentioned yesterday that we might be in for a big storm, or might not.  Well, this storm, for a change, ended up almost exactly as the forecasters said it would.  We here along the coast got 99% rain while inland up to 10 inches of new snow fell.  Northern Maine received about 20 inches.

Where I live received almost all, if not all, rain.  And rain it did.  Along with some wind, the rain was driving against the house throughout Friday evening and into the night.  But it was rain.  It doesn't take long to shovel rain after such a storm.

The ski areas got a pretty good snowfall and that could add a few days to their season.  Far Northern Maine was still under s winter storm warning early today but the storm has now left the state. 

The people I've felt sorry for this winter are many in our area that depend on storms for a winter livelihood.  There simply hasn't been enough snow to plow.  It's also difficult for stores to sell winter equipment, both fun and work, when there's no snow on the ground.

Since Gator Wife is working on a revised schedule today and won't be home until the afternoon, I doubt we'll be getting any visitors (our daughter and her dog) this day.  I'm not sure about tomorrow, though.  We always look forward to having them come.

I frequently mention that I live on the coast which is a hard place for snow to fall.  I really don't live on the coast as I'm far enough inland not to be able to see the water, even on a clear, sunny day like today.  But I am on the coastal side of the Maine Turnpike which seems to be the dividing line between rain and snow in most storms.  It was again last night.

I listen to the local police on my police frequency receiver and while I was listening to the rain pound against my home last night, I heard our town's police responding to storm related traffic calls on the other side of the 'Pike in our town.

That's the way it is here as Saturday began this morning.  Sunday is forecast to be windy but with an abundance of sunshine.  So, once again, I hope you are enjoying and not facing too much to clean up this final weekend in February.  After all, as I said yesterday, it is still February.


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