Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And now it's February

That was a cute little storm we had Tuesday.  I think we got an inch or so more than anticipated, but about all that did was cause some rather slippery driving.  Listening to the police monitor was rather entertaining.  Wednesday morning we heard that we could get some more freezing rain or drizzle during the morning hours, then the sun could come out and begin the drying process.  No more storms appear to be in sight through the weekend.

Not much of a surprise out of Florida, was there?  Mitt Romney regained the momentum he had before South Carolina.  Is it over yet?  The Republican nomination for the Presidency, of course?  No, it isn't.  The actual nominating convention isn't until this summer, but Romney just got 50 votes.  Newt Gingrich says he's staying in the hunt all the way to that convention.  We'll see.

Here in Maine our caucuses are underway.  We have caucuses rather than elections.  The caucuses select folk to attend the convention and they they elect our electors.  My town, Scarborough, is having its caucus this coming Saturday.  I'm thinking of attending.  I'm not hoping for any offices, like being a delegate to the state Republican convention, but it is fun hearing the people talk about their favorite candidate.  I'm not sure about other caucuses in Maine, but ours will also select representatives to the county party and members of our town committee. 

Of course by the time our state convention is held, the whole selection could be rather moot.
I may stay away from JC Penney department store.  They have been running the most irritating commercial I've seen for years.  Even Gator Wife says she'll stay away.  After what seems like an eternity of screaming, "No!" the announcer says enough is enough.  I think they're trying to tell us the company will have no more sales events.  I wish that 'enough' was an admission that that commercial once was enough.  Actually, even one would have been too many.  In reality, it's an empty boycott threat.  I think you could count on one finger, perhaps fewer, the number of times we've been in a Penny in the last five years.

There's one good thing about this coming weekend.  All that Super Bowl hype, especially on Channel Six, will come to an end.  Well, almost.  I'd be very surprised if the station doesn't continue into next week, especially if the Patriots win.  I will watch at least most of the game, but I'll not see one minute of all the stuff that leads up to it.

Speaking of commercials, one of the Super Bowl ads has made the internet, thus the public airways.  I absolutely see nothing that puts the Ferris Bueller ad into category except mediocre.  In fact, as far as the so-called Super ads to be shown Sunday night, it might be among the poorest.  I think I saw a promotion for a presentation of the game ads to be broadcast Wednesday night.  I'll miss that.  I'm among people who have only seen a handful of any ads during a Super Bowl game that were really entertaining.  Oh, yes, they're not supposed to be entertaining, they're supposed to sell me something.

None have ever done that, either.

I know I'm negative on ads, but I remember when agencies had imaginative people designing them.  Perhaps I live in the past, but I have seen many funny, informative, or interesting ads that have led me to visit stores or buy products.  I may simply be too old to understand some of these modern ads, especially the ones when I turn to Gator Wife and ask, "What was that about?"  Sorry about my ads feeling, but that's the way it is.

Next up for us is a weekend.


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