Friday, February 24, 2012

It is, after all, still February!

What else would one expect for the last weekend of February other than some rather interesting inclement weather?  Of course, that ever present "track of the storm" will be a major factor.  Friday could start out with some snow within the next hour or two and it might accumulate one to two inches before it changes over to freezing rain and then later rain as the day progresses.  That's what's expected along coastal areas.  I live in a coastal area.  On the "other side of the 'Pike" it could be snow for much of the day.

The weather people tell us we could get a changeover, or would that be a change back?, to snow or snow showers Friday night and, perhaps, into Saturday morning. As I put this to print and considering just how accurate the weather forecasting has been this winter, I'm not sure where to go from here, especially for Sunday.  And, naturally since I've written this, the forecasters have had a change of heart.  It'll be sometime later Friday before the storm hits us.  Friday morning is just fine with the heavy precipitation expected this evening.  It'll probably change again before this day is over.

And change again it did.  The Friday noon forecast said that the storm has slowed down so much that it is now not expected until later tonight and then continue with flurries into Saturday morning.  I guess my questioning the accuracy of weather forecasting this winter was right on, at least so far (it's 12:15 PM, Friday).  In fact a quick glance out the window would strongly hint the sun is attempting to shine.

I guess we'll just invite you to enjoy your weekend no matter what it brings.  After all, it's the final weekend in February.


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