Monday, February 27, 2012

Heading for March

The last week of February has arrived.  Actually, we're in the last three days.  That last day, Wednesday, could be interesting.  There's an old saying about March that's something like, "In like a lion . . . " or perhaps it's the "out" part that's most frequently used.  Nevertheless, depending on that ever present track of the storm, we could be getting some heavy weather Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning.  Tht could be interesting, I guess, but I always keep in mind the accuracy of the forecasting for our area this winter.  Could we be in two days of "Calm before the storm?"

Of course a little over half way into March comes Spring.  Gator Wife and I agree that considering the winter we've had, spring and summer could be a fascination in themselves.

Can you imagine the feeling that comes over a person when there's a loud "bang" or something similar that comes from your homestead?  GW and I heard such a sound Saturday.  The winds were howling so our first thought was a limb or tree had come down.  That was not the case.  As we looked inside the garage, we found a garage door spring lying on the floor and its wire wrapped tightly around the rail and railing on our steps out of the garage into the house.  Thankfully, we could not find any damage to the car that was parked right under it.

Getting that thing fixed is my priority for Monday.

Did you watch the Oscars Sunday night?  We didn't.  I don't think I've watched the Oscars being given out, or any other of the so-called awards shows for at least 25 years and probably a whole lot longer than that.  I think I look upon those awards' shows as I look at all-star sports games. 

I did hear some of the results this morning on the TV.  About all that showed me was how many movies I haven't seen recently and how many of the stars I haven't worshipped.  Perhaps one of the  best lines was a clip I heard by Billy Crystal.  "There's nothing giving more encouragement of a growing economy than watching millionaires giving millionaires a gold statue."

Another pair of those Republican primaries will be over by the time this blog is over Tuesday.  If you  think the hype for the Michigan primary, and to a lesser extent the one in Arizona, was bad, just wait until Wednesday when the buildup to "Super Tuesday" begins.  If one is to believe the news media that a Romney no-win in Michigan might begin a new call for new potential candidates, this buildup might be a little more interesting.

From what I've read over the weekend, that development just might make our governor happy as he doesn't seem enamored by either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum.  Of course that's from what I've read and only what the news media wants us to read is readily available.

And a final note from the news I heard this morning:  It's time to begin registering your kindergarteners to begin school next year.  Portland starts today.  All you have to have is a birth certificate, immunization papers, and proof of residency to enroll those four year olds.  Of course all you need to vote is to pick out a few places, walk in, and vote.  Check your city or town to see when K registration begins in your area.

That's about enough of not much for these two days.


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