Friday, February 10, 2012

Saturday change for weekend

I wrote yesterday that there's a small chance this attempt to clear my head of stuff might not make it through the weekend..  And it didn't.  The "track" of the storm might pass too far out to sea to bring us any significant snow.  Or even just plain any snow.  The forecasters Saturday morning were holding on to some hope we might get a little, but probably not much more than a dusting in our area.  The weather radar this morning shows the storm passing about an eighth of an inch off shore.  Those forecasters do try to keep us interested with that "dusting" stuff.  It doesn't look like the plow guys in our area are going to make much money this weekend.

Here's another small added interruption:  Gator Golden just came back in after her morning check of her yard.  She wet.  I don't see anything so it must be raining no snowing here.

I do know one person who might be a little disappointed.  My Fearless Friend had a small medical procedure which put lots of restrictions on him for a month.  Among them, no snow handling.  Waiting for the restrictions to be lifted did cause him to postpone his annual trip to Florida this winter.  But now all those restrictions have been lifted and he will be heading south next weekend.  He told me in an email earlier that he was looking forward to working his snow machine just once before he heads out, but now it looks like it might not happen.  Of course if he neighborhood should get that two inches in the "trace to two inches" in the forecast, he just might get it out anyway.  And his neighborhood usually does get more than we do here at the coast.

By the way, do you know how much snow has fallen at the Jetport in Portland where one of the Weather Service snow depth stations is?  In the snowiest month of the year February this year, four tenths of snow fell last weekend, and that's it so far.

In any event, the weekend couild be cold.  "Cold" is one of those relative terms that really depends on a lot of factors for its meaning.  When I lived in Gainseville, Florida, for example, there were a couple of times when I was colder than I've ever been here in Maine.  The temperature was not what we'd call "freezing" here, although it did get into the low 30s if my memory doesn't fail me.  But blood thinned from the summer's heat and not exactly parka wearing apparel caused it to be very cold.

The weather we've had for the past several days could be called "cold," but, considering our clothing decisions, we'd be hard pressed to put temperatures in the 40s, some mid 40s or higher, into that cold definition.  Cold in Maine in February is in the 20s or lower, often much lower.  So that same track could keep it rather "cool" this weekend, below freezing Sunday with wind chills as high (or low, if you will) of fifteen below zero. 

It won't last, though.  We're told those temperatures could climb back into the 40s by next mid next week.

The Old Gator Congregation might get together this weekend.  "Depending on the track" could decide which day or both days or, the 'might' part, neither day.  Thankfully we have no events planned other than just being together.  The Congregation, of course, includes Gator Wife, Gator Daughter, Gator Golden, and Golden Sister. 

The Maine Republican caucuses come to an end Saturday.  They began last week. I think Maine had a disadvantage of getting presidential candidates to the state by spreading the caucus out over more than a week.  Until Friday, none came; but the surprise in the three states with either a primary or a caucus last Tuesday has brought two to Maine for the weekend.  Rick Santorun surprised just about everyone by winning those three states, but neither he nor Newt Gingrich are expected in Maine this weekend.  Paul had a visit here last month.

As a result, though, Mitt Romney will be in Portland Friday night for a town meeting.  I'm not sure if he's going to stick around for any of the Saturday caucuses.  Ron Paul is also planning a trip to the state to attend some caucuses in York County Saturday. 

Romney, of course, is hoping to sway enough voters his way.  Each of the caucuses, including already held like one I attended last Saturday, is conducting an unofficial straw vote for President.  We'll learn the outcome of that voting Saturday night.  The vote is non-ninding but candidates hope the outcome will help delegatges to the state convention commit to one of them.  For Romney, it may be too little too late to have jumped in at the last minute.  Although I didn't vote for him, I think the Paul campaign in Maine is so well organized Paul could very well be the straw vote winner.  I can't speak for all the previously held caucus, actually I can't speak for the Scarborough one which I attended either, but my observations were that the organized Paul people were there outnumbering the other campaigns, at least visibly. 

(Edited Sat Eve:  Romney won relative easily over Paul in the voting, 39% to 36%.  Santorum was third and Gingrich a long way back in fourth.  Also, for the record, I did misread my own  town's caucus.  In spite of Paul's organization there, Romney received 41 votes to Paul's 25.  Our vote was a week before Romney came to Maine.)

Personally, I had some great news Thursday.  I had my annual conversation with my personal physician, along with his annual touchy, feely, and listening.  Not a bad report for a three quarters century old gent who has had a heart attack, a burst aneurysm, a crushed hip, and wears an ICD (Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillator), has a bunch of stents, and a whole lot more.  The report showed I'm still alive.

I hope the weather report ends up as good this weekend, but it's looking less and less promising, and that you have a great one.


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