Friday, December 2, 2011

December's opening weekend

The first weekend in December is upon us.  We had a "cool" start to this month and this weekend, but the weather folk are telling us that by Sunday we'll be headed right back into abnormal warm temperatures like we had in November, the warmest November on record.

We're sort of teased with the forecast of some snow in the coming days, but it's mostly up in the Maine mountains and in Northern Maine.  We along the coast will see some cooler temperatures but any precipitation will probably be in the form of rain.  I heard one forecast say there's a good chance December will be warmer than normal with not very much, if any, snow.

I guess we'll know how the month turned out in, say, four weeks.

My router is beginning to quit a couple times a day.  It takes a reset to get it going again.  I'm not sure just how old it is, but it's new enough to be wi-fi if not "N."  My Fearless Friend told me just a couple weeks ago he was having similar trouble.  I guess he put the idea into my router's mind.  Gator Wife has been asking me what I want for Christmas.  I mentioned a new router to her and she said she wouldn't buy one because she just knows it would be the wrong one.  She told me to get one and she'd put it under the tree.  I guess I know what one of my presents will be.  Naturally, I'm only assuming...hoping...the plural use in that presents word is correct.

My 12-year-old car is now nice and legal for another year.  It's been registered and inspected.  Inspections haven't been too tough all those years.  I drive a Toyota that was built when the old man of the company still made the decisions.  He wouldn't allow shortcuts to quality.  In the 12-years I've owned the car, I probably haven't spent more than a couple hundred dollars on the car and all of it on minor stuff like alignments, etc.  I think I've bought a tire and a battery, too.  When I bought the car, the dealership offered an oil/filters, etc., for life.  I doubt they thought too many of us would keep the thing 12 or more years.  My dad always told me, "Keep your oil up to date and the car will take care of you."  Free oil has made keeping it up to date very easy.

I think this is a candy type weekend in the Gator household.  Our daughter will be here Saturday and she and Mrs. Gator will be making fudge, snowballs, bark, and stuff for the holidays.  Some home made caramel popcorn might also be tossed in.  I like the Christmas season.

This is a weekend so I think I'll just sit back and enjoy it.  I hope you can find time to do the same, too, and that you have just a super weekend.


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