Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Will Christmas be white?

Christmas is closing in.  Only a few more days to go.  We've made no additions to our present list so it looks like we're all set for the day.

There are so many things happening both in Washington and Augusta that I'd love to offer my unsolicited and just off-the-cuff thoughts, but I'm staying with this celebratory week of being quiet.

From what I hear on the TV weather forecasts, Wednesday won't be too nice of a day as we should get mostly, probably all in our area, rain into early Thursday morning.  Clearing should set for the rest of Thursday, but then the "iffy" arrives.  I've been saying for a couple posts now that it looks like we'll not have a white Christmas this year, but later reports are trying to draw me into a possibility we'll have some white Saturday night into Sunday.  "Later," however, doesn't mean last.  The forecast Wednesday morning indicated that the threat of a Christmas storm has all but gone.

As much as I want a White Christmas, I want even more the safety of our people.  Christmas morning usually has a lot of cars on the roads as families head to gatherings for the holiest of days.  I'd hate to see an amount of snow sufficient to make travel dangerous or non-existant. 

However, we all know how exact those "if the storm travels ..." forecasts are so all we can really do now is wait for a weekend forecast or to see what happens for ourselves.


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