Monday, December 26, 2011

What a nice day!

Christmas Day, of course, is the day I mean.  And it even ended with the swamp all white.  Since that was mostly late afternoon and early evening, I'm really not sure I can say we had a White Christmas.  But we did get the white for a while.

The GiM home was a happy place.  Gator Daughter and her dog, our Golden Retriever's litter sister, came over.  Santa was good to the pups and left them a nice stocking full of squeaky toys and doggy treats.  I'm not exactly sure how they know, but it looked like they remember Christmases and those Santa stockings.  We had five of them up and the only ones the two dogs went to were theirs.  Probably the scent of the treats draws them.

GD and Gator Mom spent a goodly amount of time in the kitchen making pies and a traditional turkey dinner.  It was absolutely delicious as I'm sure your family's was.  We opened our gifts mid day and each of us got exactly what we wanted.  Of course we shopped together to be sure the right stuff was had.

If you haven't set up a new router lately, you're in for a surprise.  I got a new wireless "N" router.  Once we got our network wires in the right spots (We had reversed somehow two cat 5 wires.  The software that came with the router discovered the mistake and suggested we swap them out.  We did.) the new network and configuration zipped right through.  Now that I had a new network, I had a laptop, a network storage drive, and a printer to attach.  I thought.  The printer and external drive found the new net themselves so they were all set.  I think it took about 15 seconds for the laptop to connect to the new network, thus to all the other devices. 

I'm still not in the mood to rant and rave so I'm taking another day off.  We'll see what happens Wednesday, if anything.  I hope your Christmas was as nice as mine.

And in case you can't make it back here this week, I hope you have a Happy New Year.  I do know my Fearless Friend will get his Christmas present of the ages Wednesday and so he will have a very Happy New Year.


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