Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Cain Affair

I’m not sure where I’m going with this as it is just a gut thing with absolutely zero honest research.  But I say my comments are my unsubstantiated thoughts, so here goes.

The nation’s press has once again set the course for discourse.  Apparently not satisfied with the lukewarm reception to the charges that Herman Cain may have sexually abused some subordinates at his work place, the media now has a wowzer on its hands.  It has uncovered a possible long term affair the candidate had recently.

Just like he did with the first accusations, Cain vehemently denies that last one, too.  After reading a news report on the background of his latest accuser, I must say I my thought was, “She sure sounds credible.  Not!”  Now I’m not saying her claim isn’t true; I’m only wondering where all this sex stuff has originated concerning Cain.

Guilty or not guilty means nothing to the news media.  Some people have come forward with claims and claims are good enough for the press.   You’ve read here several times of my belief that one is innocent until proven guilty.  That hasn’t changed with the accusations against Herman Cain. 

What I do know, though, is that his life and reputation have been damaged, probably irrevocably.   The news media has seen to that.  It would be interesting, if I felt moved enough and I don’t right now, to search on the accuracy rate of the claims that have been reported.  As a result of the current one, guilty or innocent, they are claims that Herman Cain will never see end.

As Cain was announcing yesterday that he is now taking his campaign through an assessment on the future viability of his chances to win the Republican presidential nomination, I was wondering just who could be behind all this activity.  It certainly is much more than coincidence these accusations have come out at this time.

I have to wonder just who, if anyone, could have begun this anti-Cain drive.  I ask myself just who might be the most challenged if he did win.  Only one name comes to mind.  Now we have to wonder who’s next?  I know where I’d put my money.

Disclaimer:  I’ve already said on at least one occasion in recent weeks that Herman Cain was not the candidate I would support in the primaries and caucuses.

O.K., Old Gator Dude.  How come you don’t feel the same about those child abuse accusations against the coaches?  I don’t know anything about them, either, except like Cain they’ll never live them down whether guilty or not.  They are not only about claims told to a news media but also have some legal background.  In one case, an arrest was the result of a Grand Jury inquisition.  In the other the Syracuse police have admitted they haven’t investigated reports from many years back.    Both of the coaches’ situations are in the legal system, but, like the Cain cases, all I know is what the news media wants me to know.

Speaking of political campaigns, I have also said here earlier that I wouldn’t support Ron Paul because of something I heard him say during the 2008 campaign.  As I said earlier, I cannot remember what it was but it was something that at the time made me decide I could never support him.

Yesterday I received a rather heavy mailing from his campaign that not only outlined his plan to revive America and the American economy but also included a copy of his complete plan.  I have not yet studied it, but I have glanced through it.  As a result I thought, “Hmmm.  I might have to change my mind about this guy.”  Now I’ll have to study the plan and research if his actions, both past and present, support what he is saying.  As it stands, however, the outline portion would give conservatives something to really give good thought to and provide substance for serious discussion.

It would be nice if the other candidates also sent copies of their plans for America.  Paul has his in writing and is publicly disseminating it.

Finally, a sports update.  Earlier this week I criticized Ndamukong Suh for his actions in pro football game last week I saw on television.  I said he should be severely punished.  The League has given him a two-game suspension, but, as he should have, he has appealed.  Although I think it should have been harsher, I support the League’s decision.  I also support Suh’s following the rules in appealing.


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