Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Village 2011 construction continues

Nothing challenging here today.  We're spending our time working on our Village for the upcoming Christmas Season.  We erect a combination Department 56 Victorian/Dickens village in our living room each year.  It has remained basically the same fror the last 4 years or so, but various pieces are changed.

The construction began Veteran's Day (also our wedding anniversary) and we aim at completion and lighting the village Thanksgiving Day.  We are on schedule, perhaps even a little ahead of it.  Monday we showed you the first weekend's progress and today we have some of the continuing work.  Please keep in mind, that none of the sections is completed and won't be until we add trees, lots and lots of trees, and snow to the layout and the final configuration is complete.  We also will be adding the skirt that hides the underneath sections as the final task on Thanksgiving.

We have basically arranged the structures for the section behind one portion of our sofa.  If you look closely enough, you can see some of the Department 56 accessories that go with these villages.  Missing, as I mentioned earlier, are trees and snow. 
At the far end of the couch section is a widened area to fill in space where the sofa curves around a corner.  This section is also the least completed of the section.  That tipping British flag is a give-a-way to the need for more work.  Also, the Palace has a fence and Honor Guard that need adding along with other accessories, trees, and snow.
The Dicken's Town Square is also nearing completion.  This scene, which one of the favorites, depicts the Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the immortal story of Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim.  The structures and accessories in this section can all be found in the story. 

 In the middle of the Town Square we have the author himself giving an oral reading of the story.  Those two buildings in the background are the Scrooge and Marley warehouse (center) and Fezziwig's company (left).  A working Town Clock is next to the Scrooge and Marley building.
The display base and styrofoam is at least positioned,  This is the final big section of the project,  A mountain is in the corner and Gator Daughter's forest and skating pond sections will be placed here this weekend when she visits.  But this does give a pretty good idea of how the Village is constructed.  We still have a Christmas Tree section to put up, but that's an easy one on top of an existing cabinet in the room.
All Village pieces, including both structures and accessories, depicted here are part of the Victorian Collection and the Dickens Collection and copyrighted or registered trademarks of Department 56, a division of Enesco, LLC.


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