Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday -- A stormy day before the holiday

Happy Wednesday! Well, at least try to make it one. The weather forecast doesn't forebode well for this day. We have some winter storm warnings in effect and a goodly portion of the state will see a rather large snow storm which began last night. Travel could be rather treacherous in spots, but along the immediate coast, snow should turn to rain early this morning, if it hasn't already where you are. This could be a trying day for a major travel holiday. Many folk take a vacation day today so they can get to Grandma's House in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with families.

At least one good thing about this storm: it should end late today and overnight giving morning time for cleanup and then some good family time. I'm not sure what will happen to tomorrow's football game between Portland and Deering high schools. It's scheduled for 10:30.

A major change for the day: many stores are beginning their annual "Black Friday" Christmas sales during the day Thursday. The opening time for the super sales has crept backwards for years and many stores had begun opening between midnight and six AM Friday morning. This year many of those same stores will be opening at different times during the day Thanksgiving.

This is just a personal thing but I would not do any store shopping tomorrow. It is a day when even those lower paid employees that could use the additional paycheck should be able to spend the time with family and friends. It is, after all, supposed to be a day of Thanks for our getting into this day each year. (I might, though, spend some time doing some 'looking' out there on the Internet from my computer at home. Yea, I know what that makes me.)

Last year, Gator Wife and I did take advantage of the "Black Friday" sales on the following Monday and we did save a whole lot of cash. Perhaps that'll be the order of the day this year, too.

The most important day, however, is today. If you do have to venture out, please be extra careful so that your family will be able to spend a good thankful time tomorrow.

Just a couple "quickie" items about the news of the day...Congress's super budget committee failed to reach any type of agreement and so all the time that bunch of twelve spent to resolve last spring's budget dispute went for naught. I guess it's safe to say it simply mirrored Congress for the past couple of years in doing nothing.

The "Blame everyone and everything but me" President and his congressional buddies have once again said it's all the fault of former President George Bush and his tax cuts. Poor Pres. Bush, three years later and he's still at fault for all the world's problems. Naturally, the trillions of dollars that have bloated the national debt and deficit since 2008 has had nothing to do with our poor economy.  I was impressed with Senator Kerry's line on the news.  He said (nearly a quote), "It's a shame that a small bunch of people can stop all progress in Congress."  He must have been referring to himself and his own party.

My goodness, we only have to look across the big pond to see what's happening in Europe to countries that have followed the same socialistic economy. But shucks! This is America. We set courses and not learn from the failures of others.

I was watching the news the other day and the scenes at Tehrir Square and that California college brought back the scenes from many other countries since last spring. That brings to mind the "Occupy" movement in America. Do you see any similarities? But here, especially in Portland, we're encouraging the protests. Perhaps I've mentioned it before, we don't want to learn from others as we're much better. "It can't happen in America!"

Here in Maine the Department of Health and Human Services budget crisis continues to grow. That department is now more than $120 million in the hole and growing. We simply can't continue to give away all our money and benefits and expect to survive. There must be cuts in the DHHS budget and programs need examination. A whole lot of accountability on welfare eligibility and spending must be developed. Perhaps, spending some money for a full outside audit, which doesn't happen now, would be money well spent and eventually save that department millions.

And finally, our Village: As I said earlier this week, the Village 2011, our celebration of the Christmas Season, will be completed tomorrow and "lit" tomorrow evening. I'll take some final pictures following those events tomorrow and post some samples Friday morning. Because I'll have to work on the picturs early Friday, the weekend post will be later in the day, but probably by noon.

I hope all of you have a truly "Happy Thanksgiving."


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