Friday, September 30, 2011

One ends, another begins

When Friday ends, so will September.  The weatherman says it will end on a relatively nice note, but our new month and the first few days of it could be rather damp.  October is a tough month to call.  We've had some of the most beautiful weather of a year, some of the wettest weather, some warmth and some cold, and even snow has visited in years past.

October probably is mostly known for its spectacular fall foliage.  The changeover has begun, but it is usually around the 7th or 8th in our region when the foliage is best.  Gator Wife and I are thinking of taking a short tour Friday afternoon, but the reason for the tour would mostly be to find some apples.  I realize that Maine apples are readily available in the local supermarkets, but there's just something about getting them at an orchard that seems to make them stand out just a little bit.

I'd guess we'll take a longer leaf-peeping trip toward the end of next week.

Speaking of spectacular sights, the City of Portland built a multi-million dollar ship pier last year.  The new megaberth was designed to allow any sized cruise ship to dock at landside.  We've had a few cruise ships over the years, but the larger ones had to drop anchor in the bay and transport passengers to shore on motorboats.

I'd say the new pier is a success as this week, the huge ships have been coming and going daily.  In fact, I think many have come throughout September.  Therein lies the spectacular part.  Those ships are absolutely beautiful in our harbor and tower over most of the buildings in the area.  I've read the passengers spend lots and lots of money in the area, too, which helps the local economy.

GW and I have cruised on a couple of ships, and if you haven't, you should seriously consider a cruise for one of your vacations.  There easily is as much fun on the ship as in ports of call.

The Red Sox season has ended.  Quite unceremoniously I might say.  I'm not going to rant about the Sox as they ended the year just about as they started it.  Now the part I like least; in this day of playing the "blaming game," only the wrong people will get "blamed" for the collapse.  The truth is, the whole team participated.  We know ownership and management won't accept any responsibility so that leaves the coaches, managers and players.  Baseball is a team game and the winter months should treat the Sox as a team.  Forget blame, the team should concentrate on fixing whatever problems exist.

Edited Fri Eve:  I'm saddened by the news late this afternoon that Terry Francona will not be returning to the Red Sox.  He has been a superior manager who has brought Boston and Red Sox Nation much pride in great baseball.  Some of us can't think of a manager Boston has had in the past that was as good as or better than Francona.  The wrong person is taking this hit for the collapse of the Sox this season, and, yes, I've read about the club house problems.

The announcement adds new meaning to our title today.  Not only does one month end and another begin but also one great manager for the Red Sox ends his tenure and another, yet to be named, begins.

Oh, shucks.  I forgot to buy tickets to the Michelle Obama visit to Maine Friday.  In fairness, I probably should mention I forgot to get tickets to Mrs. Romney's visit to Maine, too.  Sorry, I found that last one so interesting I forgot a few her first name and the date/time of the visit.

As we mentioned earlier, this weekend could be a little bit wet but I hope if the forecast holds it won't stop you from having a super weekend.


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