Monday, September 12, 2011

A Golden Romp

I spent a while last evening trying to formulate something in my head about which to write today.  During a couple waking moments during the night, again I worked on the problem.  Now here it is Monday morning and I'm no further along than I was yesterday.

I did watch quite a lot of the 911 commemoration on TV yesterday.  Some of it was really quite impressive and well-handled.  I really didn't see anything negative as I think it clearly showed that America was brought together even more than it was before that terrible terrorist attack ten years ago.

I suppose I could offer some comments on the Red Sox.  In all the years I knew my late brother, I never once heard him say anything negative about anyone or anything.  He was the most positive person I've ever known.  So, for once in my life I think I'll take a page out of his book at say nothing about the Red Sox.

We did have one beautiful sight here on the Gator Place Sunday.  As you know, Gator Golden was injured way back last winter and had to undergo some fixing surgery on her knee.  Because she's a dog we had to keep her as quiet as we could for several weeks.  As the warmth of summer approached, we've been encouraging her to return to her active life slowly, but still holding her back.

Well, yesterday we truly and thoroughly enjoyed watching GG and her sister, our daughter's Golden, racing, chasing each other, wrestling, and generally romping around the back yard.  GG, who knows she's out of condition, would occasionally stop herself and lie down for a few moments, but then up and right back at it.  We let them go at it.

I took my outside-unfriendly camera out a couple of times to get some pictures of the girls; but along with a focusing screen that doesn't play nice with outside light, the pups were more interested in me than having their pictures taken.  I failed.

After a while both dogs raced up onto the deck and to the door.  They were announcing that it was time to come in and get some rest.  GG showed no sign on her injury.  After GD and her dog went home, GG headed for her resting place for a nap and she surely did sleep well last night.

Perhaps next time I'll have found something to say.


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