Friday, September 16, 2011

Not one for my memory

Memory is such a selective part of our being.  We tend to remember things, intentionally or not, that interest or affect us.  It might also be safe to say that we forget some things intentionally or not, that interest or affect us.  The older we get, though, the easier it seems to be to remember things from the very long ago past and have a hard time with things that happened just yesterday or last week.

Here we are now in another weekend and as I watched the weather forecast this Friday morning, one of those memory things came to mind, one I had no interest in remembering.  I still don't, but thinking about unimportant things came to mind.  Why?  The weather forecast touched it all off.

What it touched off was one of those "I can't remember when" items.  It's not going to really affect us here right along the Maine coast, but not too far inland is a "frost advisory" and a "freeze warning" is up for the mountain area.

We're only half way through September, for crying out loud.  And officially it's still summer as the season doesn't change until next week.  I can't remember when it was this cold this early before now.  When I watch the weather later today, I'll see the almanac which will tell me this isn't really unusual and we probably won't set a new low record.  Or even a new low high for this date. 

Nevertheless, this September weekend and into next week will be cool for what I remember as September weather.  Daytime temperatures will only be in the sixties, some days like today the low sixties, for the next several days.

My memory of this time of year, the memory I wish to have, is for nice, pleasant weather this time of year.  I've spent time in my former workplace longing just to be outside.

I'll forget this weekend once it's over because it's not the kind I like to remember.

So, speaking of the weekend, I hope you'll have just a really super one.


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