Monday, October 3, 2011

A dull weekend, a dull beginning to the week

The weather didn't play very nice with us this weekend.  Here in the southern, or is it soutwestern?, part of Maine, we had a lot of rain.  The Gator Clan didn't do a whole lot; even the Golden's sister didn't get to pay a visit. 

The first half of the week doesn't promise to be a whole lot better, except perhaps more showery than rainy.

In sports over the weekend, the Patriots won (as did the Giants, the team I grew up 'loving'), the Gators didn't win, and the Red Sox are on winter vacation sans Terry Francona.

On the political front, I still can't get enthusiastic about presidential race.  The U.S. Supreme Court opens its session Monday.  It has a whole bunch of stuff facing it, the outcomes of which will affect all of us dramatically.  This might be a Court worth watching.

And that's about all I have to say this Monday morning.  Perhaps an inspiration will come by Wednesday.


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