Monday, August 29, 2011

We've been good; Irene left us alone

We made it through Irene O.K., as did much of our region here in the southern part of the state.  York County might be the exception as I look at the news pictures this morning.  That was not the case in the Western Maine Mountains, parts of northern Maine, and in New Hampshire and Vermont.  Irene let folks in those areas know she was passing through.

But the little plot I inhabit was relatively unscathed.  Where are the pictures? you may ask.  Sorry, I have nothing unusual to show. 

We did lose our electricity for about two seconds yesterday, but I'd guess it was Central Maine Power's automatic equipment that quickly switched us to another circuit.  Before I could finish a sentence to Gator Wife about it being "our turn," power was back on.  The loss did screw up some electric clocks I have so I had to reset them.  That was so totally minor compared to what many people faced in the hurricane area.

Our only other inconvenience was the cable box.  As soon as the electricity came back after less than two seconds, the cable box automatically began its  rebooting process and a couple minutes later the TV was back running.  All my computer equipment is battery protected and didn't even blink, except, of course, for two seconds we were without a phone or internet.

Our daughter didn't fare quite as well.  She was without power for a few hours near the North Deering section of Portland; and our Fearless Friend was without power for a little while yesterday.  I'd say compared to those closest to us, GW and I made out very well.

I hope your Irene experience was at least close to mine.

I'll let this stand for a Monday morning effort.  Perhaps as I get a chance to check the news and other forums and blogs, I'll have something new later today or Tuesday.



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