Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Doldrums???

Perhaps.  I awoke this morning still thinking about this little essay.  I'm still thinking about it and haven't come up with any ideas that really interests me.

At least I don't have to wonder if my Social Security check will arrive today following the threat of a week ago that perhaps this month's check would not come.  I don't really know how much not getting it would have affected my life.  It is among the smallest SS checks the government sends out.  I do have a couple of retired friends, though, that get smaller ones.  My wife is among them.  I know one person who receives no check at all.  His SS benefit is so small that after insurance is subtracted, he has to send the government payment for the insurance cost difference.

I no longer need worry about mine, though, thanks to the Congressional non-action on the deficit.  This is my week to receive a monthly check.

Our activityless life seems to be continuing.  I am constructing another of those age 7+ construction kits.  This one, a roller coaster, is just a wee bit more challenging than the Ferris Wheel I constructed last week.  (You can see a picture of that one in last weekend's post.)  The frame of the roller coaster went together very nicely and easily.  All the parts fit properly and it looks just like the picture on the box.

The track for the car, however, has become another story.  I may have expressed a few words  which only our Golden heard.  This thing may be designed for ages 7+ but it sure would probably require help from a parent.  Now if my Fearless Friend were reading this, he'd probably say something like, "Come on, Gator Dude, most kids are a lot more competent than you when it comes to constructing things."  Actually, he might not be that kind.

I'm down to stabilizing one final connection of the twisting, winding track.  I had it connected once, and the chain that lifts the car to the top worked perfectly.  In fact the first time through the course, the car made it perfectly; but when it passed that last connecting point, the track popped off the support.  The lifting chain continued to work, but when the car got back to that point, it slammed into the frame.  I'll get it figured out, perhaps today, but that track has become a challege for this age 7+ Old Dude.

Edited Wed. PM for anyone who's interested:  The Roller Coaster is complete and running.

You see?  I wasn't joking about not having anything interesting to say.  So I'll let this be for the first complete August week.  Enjoy your week.


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