Monday, August 15, 2011

Finally, a score: It's 1-0.

As weekends go, that was a weekend.  The weather wasn't as nice as weather we've had in recent weekends, but it was tolerable.  Cloudy for the most part, but tolerable.  As I said in our weekend message, we had planned a cookout.  Well, we had a cookin instead.  I learned a valuable lesson, though.  Gas grills require gas.  By the time we learned we didn't have any of that fuel, it was too late.  The indoor part of the meal was just about ready  We cooked the steaks inside instead.  It ended up being a super meal.

The Ames, Iowa, straw poll was held Saturday.  I didn't see any of it.  It's still way too early for me to get very interested in politics.  After all, the elections are still a year and a quarter away.  My party did gain one and lose one over the weekend.  Candidate for the nomination, that is.  Rep. Michelle Bachman won the straw poll, barely.  But she won.  As a result, Tim Pawlenty dropped out, but Texas governor Rick Perry dropped in.

That huge number of wannabees hasn't changed much.  It will, though, during the next several months.  Perhaps there'll even be fewer before this week is out.

I certainly could be convinced to lean toward Rep. Bachman.  I didn't see any of the so-called debates in Iowa nor did I hear anything any of the candidates said Saturday before the polling.  I did, however, see Rep. Bachman take on David Gregory on Meet The Press Sunday.  As I've said before, he may be the lightest lightweight moderator that NBC show has ever had.  Among my biggest complaints is he never allows a guest to complete a sentence if that guest isn't answering in Gregory's planned response.

Rep. Bachman more than held her own and even told the moderator to let her finish answering his question several times.  His less than happiness was very evident in his body language.  And no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get his guest to change her very consistent answers.  And I wonder if he doesn't understand the issues or simply doesn't care about them.

Golly, how I miss the late Tim Russert!

I'm not joining the Michelle Bachman bandwagon just yet, as I'm not joining any of the bandwagons.  There still a very, very long way to go.  But in my book, she gained a point Sunday.  In my book, she now leads the entire pack one to all the other candidates' combined nothing.  However, this game will be longer than a Red Sox - Yankees game.

It was strange this morning having to go out at 5:30.  Normally, Mrs. Gator heads off to work in her own car.  A strange accident last Thursday changed that, at least for a while.  She simply took my car for her final work sessions last week, but I'm hoping for a call from my dentist today to begin getting a broken upper plate fixed or replaced.  I didn't want to be without a car, so I drove the boss of the house to work.

The insurance adjuster called last Friday and we will find out later today if her 11-year-old car is repairable or if we'll spend some time this week car shopping.  We may not have to shop too hard, though.  She really liked the all-wheel drive Subaru she's been driving.  We could be limiting our search to a Subaru dealership on the Saco Auto Mile.  There is one dealership, however, I can guarantee she won't visit.


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