Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another mid-week in August

We've reached another mid-week in August.  The beginning of the month seemed to be rather lazy and simply creeped along.  All of a sudden, the time has returned to pass quickly on the old Gator Stand.  Don't get me wrong.  My August calendar hasn't changed a whole heck of a lot.  It's just that the time seems to be picking up in speed.

We're still waiting around here to learn what's going to happen with my wife's Subaru.  It was sort of dented a bit last week when a utility pole leaped out in front of her.  It will either be repaired or replaced.  I think Gator Wife is hoping for a replacement.  After all, her car was 2001.  On the other hand, it had only been driven 33 thousand miles.  Perhaps today will be a decisive one.

I've completed another of those toys I wrote about a week ago.  I realize they were designed for kids who haven't reached ten years, yet, and I'm just a little over that.  I am learning that 70+ kids have also have fun with construction toys.  This one was a roller coaster, the second one I've put together.  Building the frame for the thing was rather easy, but adding the track was a challenge just as it was for last week's smaller one.

But it's a fun time with some playtime projects to complete.  One thing is for sure, these projects really beat the third, fourth, fifth time summer reruns on TV.

We'll hope today will bring a decision on GW's car.  My broken denture was fixed yesterday, so we're just watching August slip by.  In fact, just a week from today will end it.

And how about Tuesday's Red Sox game?  They lost the game and first place, but they did complete a triple play, always an exciting play in baseball.


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