Friday, August 12, 2011

A weekend in August

This is a kind of "woe is me" weekend. I broke a rather large chunk off my upper teeth. Yea, most of it is a bridge replacing all but four of my own teeth. I have no idea what happened. I was just eating a pizza when I felt something hard. Sure enough, it was a chunk of artificial teeth. The "woe" part is my dentist doesn't work Fridays so I have to wait until Monday for a resolution.

I think if the truth be known, I'd like a whole new upper plate. The current one has been broken before and a couple new teeth had to be added a few months ago when I had a couple real ones removed. The fixes haven't really been comfortable as it feels mushy. So Monday I'll check on the cost of a new one and go from there.

We haven't car-shopped for 11 years when we bought Gator Wife's car. Mine is 12 years old. I think we both thought those two cars would be our last. Her 2001 Subaru only has about 34 thousand miles on it as she only uses it for local commuting and an occasional shopping trip.

She doesn't know what happened. She was coming home from a grocery run and began a right turn onto our road. The car apparently had its own idea and jolted left, crossed the main road, and found a telephone pole.

She wasn't hurt. Thank God. I wasn't there so didn't see the car until I went to the body shop where it was towed to retrieve her stuff. It wasn't a pretty sight. The cost of repair could easily be more than the car is worth and if that becomes fact, it won't get repaired.

We'll know probably Monday and a search for her second final car could get underway. Back in the day, I was a pretty good negotiator for new cars. Since I didn't think I'd ever need to do it again, I put my technique long behind me. I'm not even sure the old ways would be effective today. Shucks, I don't even know if dealers negotiate today.

We have the weekend to get through. It looks like the weather will cooperate and we'll get around to having a good grill-out. What we do doesn't really qualify as bar-b-cue. But we'll include some home made onion rings and, perhaps, some French fries and freshly baked bread. Wow! This could be a great weekend after all.

I hope you enjoy yours.



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